Exploring the Appalachians in Alabama

Did you know that the Appalachian Mountains stretch all the way from southeastern Canada to central Alabama? That means that you can enjoy some of the most beautiful and exciting outdoor activities in the country right here in northeast Alabama.

There are lots of great ways to get outdoorsy in Alabama, but the best ones immerse you in the sights, sounds, and smells of the lush landscape. So this summer, instead of the traditional road trip, spend a little time outside. Whether on foot, on horseback, or on the water, you’ll want to get as close to this gorgeous greenery as possible.

Here are just a few of the folks who can help you make sure your outdoor adventure is a safe, fun learning experience for everyone:

One World Adventure

One World Adventure Company, based in Fort Payne, offers their expert skills to help you create an unforgettable adventure experience for your family, your coworkers, your class, or your church. Its founders, Bill and Angie Shugart, are committed to collaborating and teaching to help others discover themselves and their own abilities while having a great time in the process.

Regardless of your group’s objectives – having a blast, helping others, setting and meeting healthy challenges, or simply making progress personal growth – One World has an adventure program for you. It’s ideal for teachers, college students, rehabilitation centers, church youth groups, and couples’ groups. One World offer curriculum enhancement, charter education and service learning programs for both traditional and home school programs, as well as service/adventure packages for faith-based organizations. You can even customize your own adventure for yourself or your family from a half-day to five days of guided adventure.

One World draws from a variety of outdoor activities – including hiking, canoeing, rock climbing, kayaking, rappelling, camping, and outdoor skills classes – so you can customize your experience to meet your group’s needs. They even have onsite facilities for overnight stays; on site you’ll find a rustic main lodge and two cottages, providing accommodations for up to 22 people, complete with private baths in each room.

The program operates from April through November and even offers a summer day camp for ages 7 to 10 and 11 to 14.

Learn more on Facebook, contact One World Adventure Company directly at 256-634-8370, or reach out by Email.

True Adventure Sports

For the more adventurous souls, True Adventure Sports is your outdoor recreational partner. Located just a mile outside Little River Canyon National preserve, they offer partnership and supervision for outdoor adventures, classes, and guided tours, as well as gear and lodging in northeast Alabama.

True Adventure Sports offers classes and certifications in a variety of outdoor activities including rappelling, climbing, and rigging. In addition, you can also work toward certification in emergency response, with classes in confined space rescue, SAR Training, vertical rope rescue, catastrophe class, and swift water rescue. The wilderness school features land navigation, survival training, and wilderness boot camp.

This quest go-to also offers paddling class and seminars in practical ingenuity, a curriculum designed to develop problem-solving skills that are applicable to every situation from mechanical to business and everything in between.

Of course, True Adventure also provides gear for your own outdoor activities like rock climbing, rappelling, zip-lining, camping, canoeing, and kayaking. They even provide shoes, clothing, and snacks along with guided trips, lessons, and team-building exercises for groups or individuals. To further up your adventure ante, you can even rent scooters to explore local Lookout Mountain attractions, too!

In addition, 20 percent of all True Adventures proceeds goes toward its missions. Check them out on Facebook or contact True Adventure Sports directly at 256-997-9577 or by E-Mail.

These are just a couple of ways you can explore the great outdoors in the foothills of the Appalachians. It’s summertime in Alabama… get out there and enjoy it before football season begins!