Little River Canyon National Preserve

Experience scenic vistas and waterfalls along the beautiful Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Located on the boundary of DeKalb and Cherokee Counties, in the rugged yet verdant landscape of northeast Alabama, Little River Canyon National Preserve (the preserve) was established in 1992 by Public Law 102-427 to protect the landscapes of the Little River Canyon. The authorized boundary of the preserve currently contains 15,288 acres, 11,042 acres of which are federally owned and managed.

Protected within the preserve boundary are the spectacular Little River Canyon, the pristine Little River, and a number of rare and threatened plant and animal species. Together with the adjacent Desoto State Park, Little River Canyon National Preserve provides abundant scenic views and varied recreational opportunities for locals and visitors alike.

Be sure to check the safety guidelines and apply for any necessary permits before engaging in any recreational activities.


4322 Little River Trail NE
Suite 100
Fort Payne, Alabama 35967

Little River Canyon National Preserve


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