Head into the woods on hiking trails & paths to DeKalb’s most scenic waterfalls.

Lodge Falls

This easy to find waterfall is suitably named due to its location just behind DeSoto’s Lodge. Lodge Falls drops about 25 feet and is rainfall dependent.

The best view point of this waterfall is reached by hiking down into a small ravine and jumping on the yellow trail for a short distance, then coming back out next to the Lodge.

Azalea Cascade

This small cascade flows into a pool located at the end of the Talmadge Butler Boardwalk Trail.

Azalea Falls may also be reached by following the red trail located behind the Country Store which sits at the center of DeSoto State Park.

Indian Falls

This interesting waterfall drops about 20 feet into a small ravine, located just across the road from the Talmadge Butler Trailhead.

Indian Falls is about 0.1 miles from the trailhead and is easily reached over a small footpath. A wooden footbridge crosses over the top of this beautiful sight, connecting hikers back to the yellow trail.

Desoto Falls

Hiking Map showing access to overlook of falls and to basin

One of the most photographed points of interest in Alabama, Desoto Falls is also one of the tallest, standing at 104 feet, and most visited waterfalls in Alabama. It also features numerous smaller falls and area trails to view the falls from a variety of angles.

The waterfall has a concrete dam above the falls, which was built in 1925 for Alabama’s first hydroelectric power plant. Now the park’s boathouse serves as a place to rent kayaks and ride Little River above the falls.

Grace’s High Falls

Located within the 14,000 acres of Little River Canyon National Preserve is Graces’ High Falls. Though only visible seasonally, this waterfall is Alabama’s highest falls.

Plunging 133 feet into the canyon below, the waterfall features a view you can’t find anywhere else. When rainfall is high, a significant amount of smaller creeks and waterfalls can be seen while exploring this area.

Little River Falls

Little River falls flows in one of America’s deepest and most extensive canyon systems east of the Mississippi River. Little River Canyon National Preserve is 14,000 acres of picturesque beauty.

Located at the north end of the Canyon, visitors can marvel at Little River Falls – one of Alabama’s most scenic waterfalls.

Little Falls

This popular fall is better known by locals as “the hippie hole” and has fast become one of the most visited swimming areas at Little River Canyon National Preserve.

Parking is available off Highway 35, near Road 861, and is accessible by a partially rugged mile long trail.

Lost Falls

This waterfall is the most difficult to find in DeSoto State Park. When water levels are low and the fall is not flowing, it can appear truly lost.

The best time to see this small 5 foot waterfall is in spring or winter seasons. Lost Falls is located about 1.5 miles from Desoto’s Country Store and terrain can vary between moderate and mild.

Laurel Falls
This small but beautiful waterfall can be found off of the orange trail and falls about 6 feet. It is located approximately 3/4 of a mile from Desoto’s Country Store with the trail varying between rugged and moderate with some uphill climbs.
Poison Ivy Falls

This large seasonal waterfall is the hardest to get to. Located on the strenuous Desoto Scout Trail-between DST Exit 1 & 2.

It can be reached via the Gilliam Loop Trailhead/CCC Road to Exit 1 & 2. Water-level dependent.

High Falls
Marvel at the scenic vistas and this majestic 35-foot waterfall, which is the centerpiece of High Falls Park. Formed by Town Creek, the falls span some 300 feet across at times. Near the base of the impressive High Falls is a natural bridge. This 25-feet span of rock features a large arch, eroded by the flow of water over hundreds of years.
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