Escape to the Great Outdoors

An Outdoorsman’s Vacation Paradise by Mark Ethan Ford

While you’ve been away, we have been eagerly preparing to welcome you in a big way. The time has finally come to set out and explore together again. As we begin to reopen our pleasant little mountain town, we ask you to visit responsibly and practice that new phrase we are all very familiar with by now – social distancing. Nestled in the foothills of southern Appalachia, our peaceful area provides a much-needed escape from the current world. Take a moment for yourself, unwind and reconnect. Experience our breathtaking landscapes, delicious food, and our down home southern hospitality. Make a moment last a lifetime.

Surrounding our charming mountain community is an outdoorsman’s vacation paradise – whether you want to brave the Class V whitewater kayaking of the Little River Canyon’s “Viper” or take a canoe and float leisurely through Little River’s backcountry – whether you want to hit the course for a round of golf, or you want to tear up the ORV trails along the rugged terrain of South Sauty Creek in Buck’s Pocket State Park, we have outdoor options for all. Nature lovers and outdoors enthusiasts alike will find plenty of entertainment in DeKalb County, Alabama – we have no shortage of unspoiled wilderness. Lookout Mountain boasts Little River Canyon National Preserve and Desoto State Park, fantastic areas for hiking, mountain biking, fly fishing, rock climbing, and more. Just across the valley, Sand Mountain has plenty of marquee destinations with wonderful views, including High Falls Park and Buck’s Pocket State Park.

Take to the trails. Stroll through the moderate trail systems of Desoto State Park, and hike to a number of waterfalls throughout the park; smell the Rhododendrons in bloom drifting through the warm spring air while you walk along the Laurel Creek, listening to the tranquil hum of the water trickling through the forest. Perhaps you would rather admire the canvas of fall foliage painted across the walls of the gorge at the Point Rock vista above Buck’s Pocket. Maybe you’d prefer to descend the strenuous Eberhart trail to the floor of Little River Canyon where a sandy beach overlooking the emerald pool between a series of roaring rapids awaits, with the rugged rock faces looming directly above. If you would rather keep it a bit more simple, simply take a scenic drive along the rim of Little River Canyon. Stop at the overlooks and look out across the vast canyon where the river has etched out the rugged rock faces.

After your long venture, there are plenty of places to rest your head. Drift to sleep in one of Desoto State Park’s wall tents on a crisp, autumn night to the lullaby of a cricket quartet, drowning out the tune of a distant midnight train. Or maybe park your camper along South Sauty Creek at Buck’s Pocket State Park’s newly renovated campground, sit in front of a roaring campfire, and enjoy the water’s melody as it rustles across the rock beds in the thick, summer breeze. Whatever you choose, you are bound to enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenic views in the southeast. Come explore, relax and enjoy – escape to the great outdoors!

DeSoto Falls located in DeSoto State Park on Lookout Mountain in Alabama.
Kayaking Little River
ORV Trail
Bucks Pocket overlook