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The Hipster’s Guide to DeKalb County. Fortunately, DeKalb County just so happens to be a hipster haven. The coolest places to shop, eat, and explore. Scope out five spots that totally get the hipster seal of approval (while offering mass appeal for the rest of us).

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Everything Old is New Again in DeKalb County

Some say that newer is always better, but it’s safe to say those folks haven’t been antiquing in DeKalb County, Alabama. Known for its stunning natural beauty, including Lookout Mountain and her abundant waterfalls and friendly locals, this idyllic community of small towns is also home to some of the best antiquing in the South.

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MERF Taste of the Mountain and Art Auction

Held in Fort Payne, the DeKalb County VFW Agricultural Fair will arrive on Monday and for six days, visitors are treated to exciting midway rides, livestock exhibits, nightly live music, agricultural displays and themed nights and special admission pricing.

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Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama22 hours ago

Little River Canyon is breathtaking year round, but there is something enchanting about it covered in snow! Video by Dalton Akins

Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama shared a post.7 days ago

Arches for the new Mentone Bridge have been set! Check out this video of the process.

Lookout Mountain Alabama
Alabama Aerial Photography
Arches for new Mentone bridge over the west fork of the Little River have been set. The original arch bridge was built in 1928. Wright Brothers Construction Company, Inc. - video: SkyBama
Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama is at DeSoto Falls.1 week ago

❄️Snow❄️ is long gone and we are back to rain☔️, but man was it beautiful!🥰 But....all this rain makes for beautiful waterfalls! @ DeSoto Falls

DeKalb Tourism1 week ago
❄️Snow❄️ is long gone and we are back to rain☔️, but man was it beautiful!🥰
DeKalb Tourism3 weeks ago
DeKalb Tourism2 months ago
DeKalb Tourism Website Travel Guide 2019

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