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A Haunted History of Lookout Mountain and Fort Payne

Like many places of the gothic South, Lookout Mountain and DeKalb County are home to several ghost stories and strange sites that intrigue locals and visitors alike. While the spirits that haunt this area do not appear to hold sinister intentions, their stories add an air of mystery to the already secluded and tucked away areas on the mountain.

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Colorfest and Other Events Pay Tribute to Autumn Season

While the views and scenes on Lookout Mountain draw in visitors year-round, the changing leaves against the Autumn sky are truly a wonder to behold. The lower temperatures, cool breezes, and changing leaves make Mentone and the surrounding area the perfect location to see the much anticipated colors of Fall.

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Just Junkin’ Around Lookout Mountain Alabama

Fall has officially arrived, but while we are waiting on Mother Nature to catch up, we can explore the area in another way…Just Junkin! Unique antiques and a Junkosaurus Wrecks will kick off this trip perfectly.

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6 Can’t Miss Shopping Trips around Mentone

No one likes to leave a trip empty handed, and when you stay in Mentone on Lookout Mountain and surrounding areas you don’t have to! Local artisans and antique dealers bring unique options for souvenirs, home decor, and more. Here are six of our favorite places where we can always find something to take a piece of the area home with us.

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5 Dishes to Try in DeKalb in 2022

DeKalb County is home to many unique restaurants whose famous dishes attract hungry visitors from across the state and beyond. Read more to discover five of our favorite dishes you must try in 2022!

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A Summer Saturday in DeKalb County Alabama

DeKalb’s mountain towns are the perfect getaway to spend a slow summer day, basking in the beauty of the mountains, visiting the many parks, meeting local makers and farmers, and indulging in the delicious offerings of DeKalb County’s unique restaurants.

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Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama5 hours ago

The historic Fort Payne Depot Museum was erected in 1891 at the height of the town’s mining-driven boom. It served as a passenger train station until August 1970. The depot was converted into a museum in 1986, and includes exhibits with 19th century, Native American...

Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama1 day ago

Pack a bag, gather around a fire, and make some memories! DeSoto State Park offers the perfect setting for camping in the great outdoors, with campsites in a wooded, mountainous setting.

Each type of campsite features amenities for any level of camper...

Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama2 days ago

Experience the magic of downtown Fort Payne with a visit to the Chandelier Tree, located across the street from the Fort Payne Opera House. With ample public parking and just a short walk from the downtown shops and restaurants, this stop is perfect for a...

Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama4 days ago

Are you looking for a new unique, local shopping experience? Moon Lake Village is Mentone’s newest tribute to local artisans and makers. The village, on the former campus of the historic Moon Lake School, houses individual galleries and shops where artists and creators can showcase...

Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama6 days ago

We give thanks for the vast beauty of this land we occupy, the visitors and friends who come to share it with us, our local business owners and community members who help make this area great, and so much more! What aspects of Lookout Mountain...

Lookout Mountain Alabama
Lookout Mountain Alabama1 week ago

For more than 30 years, Little River Hardware has welcomed visitors and locals in the Mentone area with its rustic style and friendly, local staff. You’ll find much more than hardware here! A special feature is the Nightingale Pottery, sold exclusively at LRH. The functional...

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