Wash Away Your Spring Fever in Lookout Mountain Alabama Waterfalls

Wash Away Your Spring Fever in Lookout Mountain Alabama Waterfalls

As temperatures rise and the days get longer, many folks start to develop a certain set of symptoms: inability to focus, increased dreaminess, and an insatiable itch to soak up the sun. That’s right—spring fever is hitting us hard this year. The only known cure for this tongue-in-cheek disease is to get outside, and what better way to do so than by exploring some of Lookout Mountain Alabama’s beautiful waterfalls? With options in the double digits, there’s something for everyone, even if your idea of exploring the outdoors is rolling down the windows on a drive.   

                                                   Here are our top six picks of waterfalls to cure your Spring Fever!

 Lost Falls

If rain gets you down, try a different outlook: increased rainfall leads to increased waterfalls. In fact, some of Alabama’s best waterfalls are almost impossible to find without significant water flow! Such is the case with the aptly named Lost Falls, the most difficult waterfall to find in Desoto State Park. Take advantage of the early spring rain by checking out this small but stunning gem. The 1.5-mile trail from Desoto’s Country Store is shaded overhead by tall trees and varies between mild and moderate, making it a great trail for beginner hikers or families with young explorers.

 Little River Falls

Don’t let the name fool you! One of the deepest canyon systems east of the Mississippi River, the north end of the Little River Canyon National Preserve is home to Little River Falls. Gorgeous views of this year-round, 45-foot waterfall are easily accessed by a parking area off of Highway 35, and adventure seekers can follow a staircase down or utilize convenient ramp access to see the falls from the base.


 Martha’s Falls

Sometimes looking at the water isn’t enough, especially as spring stretches into the heat of summer. Lovingly referred to as “the hippie hole” by locals, Martha’s Falls is quickly becoming one of the most visited swimming areas in Little River Canyon National Preserve. You can cool off from the partially rugged one-mile hike from the parking area (off of Highway 35) by jumping into any of the large pools of water, or just zone out to the calming sound of Martha’s Falls’ running water. This spot is only getting more popular, so loners should try to get there early or on a weekday.

 DeSoto Falls

You may have seen this one already, or at least pics of it: with a drop of over 100 feet, DeSoto Falls is one of the most photographed points of interest in Alabama. Breathtaking views await down the stairs to experience the falls up close and personal. This is the perfect place to set out on an outdoor adventure, as it’s conveniently located just up the road from DeSoto State Park, where visitors can rent kayaks to explore the Little River above the falls.

 Grace’s High Falls

The true pièce de résistance (and why you should head to Lookout Mountain, like, yesterday!) of Lookout Mountain’s waterfalls is Grace’s High Falls. This seasonal waterfall is the highest in Alabama, climbing to an astonishing 133 feet. During periods of heavy rain like we’ve experienced recently, the area is home to several other, smaller creeks and waterfalls, meaning you get a lot of bang for your proverbial buck. Great views are available from an observation area across from the falls, at the pullout between Crow and Eberhart Points. But you’ve got to move quickly; this stunner only flows during the rainy season, and summer is quickly approaching!

 High Falls

Spanning some 300 feet across, this majestic 35-foot waterfall, which is the centerpiece of High Falls Park, is easily accessible by a short paved path through the park.  Near the base of the impressive High Falls is a natural bridge. This 25-feet span of rock features a large arch, eroded by the flow of water over hundreds of years. This beauty is truly picture-perfect!

It’s easy to make a trip out of Lookout Mountain Alabama’s waterfalls alone, but the area has all that and more just waiting for you to come explore. So pack a picnic, lace up your hiking boots, and head up the mountain. We’ve got the cure for your spring fever.