The Hipster’s Guide to DeKalb County

You can roll your eyes if you want, but beards are cool. So are those thick, black-framed glasses. And plaid. And Kombucha. Whatever—whether you want to admit it or not, hipsters are on to something. There’s just something about this generation’s version of the beatnik that seems to always know the best places to shop, eat, and explore. Fortunately, DeKalb County just so happens to be a hipster haven. Scope out these five spots that totally get the hipster seal of approval (while offering mass appeal for the rest of us):

  • Lucky Sound Studio

This Fort Payne recording studio is a can’t miss for anyone who likes music (and we know you do!). Run by Lucas Smith, the site has historically been an ultra-cool place to lay down your sweet tracks and vocal stylings—until now. May 2018 actually marks the first event at the studio: A live video/recording session with X.Y. Studios in front of a live audience. Locally-based graphic designer and blogger Anna’s Ghost will host this kickoff event, and you’ll find intriguing guests like Just Friends, Deep Space Devices, and This Podcast Could Take Forever up close and personal all evening long. This can’t-miss celebration of live music and creative culture is going down May 19th, but is certain to be the first of many good-vibe heavy hangtimes at Lucky Sound Studio.


  • The Spot Coffee Shop

Hipsters and coffee are practically synonymous. The Spot Coffee Shop in Fort Payne serves up all the caffeinated energy you could ever need without a lick of pretention. The baristas behind the counter are not only super friendly, they also serve up a mean Americano. And if you have a dietary restriction (seriously, is everyone Keto now?), they’re happy to oblige by adjusting whatever you order to suit your specific needs. Bonus points for the eclectic setup and tons of local art hanging on the walls waiting to be purchased by a visitor with impeccable taste.


  • Martin’s Thrift

Nestled in Ider, Alabama, Martin’s Thrift has so many epic finds it was recently voted a 2018 Best of DeKalb County business. The inventory changes weekly, and you’ll discover everything from $5 records to funky vintage furniture pieces. Some of the coolest finds to date have been an oak pew from a legit church, a gorgeous handcrafted driftwood bench, and a sweet Hall & Oates vinyl in pristine condition.


  • Lost Falls

So the thing about hipsters is that they like things before the rest of the world catches on. That means they’re good at finding awesome aspects of our world. Naturally, the Lost Falls is massively appealing for anyone sporting an ironic t-shirt because, well, it’s the toughest to locate in all of DeSoto State Park. When water levels are low and the falls are not exactly flowing, this gem can be pretty lost, indeed. You’ll want to search this 5-foot gem out in the spring and winter when the water’s really kicking. Be sure to snap a pic to help you solidify your status as an Insta influencer.


  • La Fonda

Nothing says cool vibes more clearly for a hipster than super authentic cuisine. Fort Payne’s La Fonda is as authentically Mexican as it gets. Start with an order of guac because avocados are a staple of the hipster diet (and because it’s seriously so fresh and delicious that it begs to be scarfed up with the complimentary basket of chips). The lengua tacos are on point (yep, it’s tongue; yep, it’s incredible), and the big-as-your-face pastor (marinated pork) torta is easily one of the best sandwiches this side of the Mississippi. If you’re not ready to venture beyond a chicken and cheese quesadilla (#nojudgment), you’re in luck because they, too, are perfectly seasoned and seriously tasty.


These are just a few of our top picks for hipster-centric must-sees in DeKalb Co. See all of the area’s thrift shop offerings, outdoor adventure opportunities, and next-level eateries by exploring our site.