Camp DeSoto for Girls

Camp DeSoto is a month-long residential Christian summer camp for girls ages 8-16, located in Mentone, Alabama.

At Camp DeSoto girls are invited to experience the fun of summer camp as part of a nurturing Christian community. Through outdoor activities, new friends, loving counselors, worship, and play, Camp DeSoto provides girls with opportunities to learn new skills, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, build lasting friendships, and develop a deeper understanding of God’s love.

For over 75 years, Camp DeSoto has provided a place where young girls can discover the depth of God’s love and the joy of belonging – belonging to each other and belonging to God. In a community of 225 campers and 70 staff members, girls get to practice friendship, forgiveness, celebration, and selflessness. Through the nurturing care of Christian counselors, girls experience love and selfless service in action. Over the course of the month together campers get to better know and fully embrace the expansive, transformative love of God.

Camp DeSoto


264 Highway Above the Clouds
Mentone, AL 35984

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