6 Can’t Miss Shopping Trips around Mentone

6 Can’t Miss Shopping Trips Around Mentone
By Emily Kirby

No one likes to leave a trip empty handed, and when you stay in Mentone you don’t have to. On Lookout Mountain and surrounding areas in the valley, local artisans and antique dealers bring unique options for souvenirs, home decor, and more. Here are six of our favorite places where we can always find something to take a piece of the area home with us.

Dave's Antiques
Dave's Antiques

Photos: Dave’s Antiques

1.Dave’s Antiques

Dave’s Antiques, located in Hammondville, has something for everyone in its 15,000 square feet of vendor spaces offering antiques, collectibles, primitive and modern modern pieces, art, and oddities. 

The former armory building is lined with thousands of items ranging from books to handmade aprons and antique farm tools to casserole dishes. One can spend hours perusing the shelves.

A haven for antique collectors, the inventory at Dave’s is always changing and updating. If you stop by, grab a complimentary cup of coffee and spend your day finding your next treasure. Follow Dave’s on Facebook or Instagram for new items and inventory.

37669 US Highway 11 Hammondville, AL 35989

2. Boom Town Makers Market

Boom Town Makers Market serves as an anchor for downtown Fort Payne, allowing artists and makers to sell their goods in an elegant and welcoming setting. 

Located in the historic Sawyer Building, the market’s place in Fort Payne’s history and present day make it an ideal spot for visitors to get to know the local art scene up close and personal. Boom Town’s emphasis is on products made locally and that honor the ideals of the American craftsman, including various pieces of artwork, jewelry, gourmet food, pottery, hand blown glass, sculpture, furniture, and clothing.

A monthly pop-up event, “Art in the Alley,” lets makers sell their items in an outdoor style market on the downtown strip in Fort Payne. Regular weekend classes are hosted by painters and potters, allowing guests to create their own artwork to take home.

For updates and upcoming events, follow the market’s Facebook page.

324 Gault Avenue Fort Payne, AL 35967

Boom Town Makers Market
Boom Town Makers Market Tables

Photos: Boom Town Makers Market

Relics Sidewalk Fort Payne
Relics Records Fort Payne

Photos: Emily Kirby

3. Relics

For those looking for vintage items and collectibles, Relics in downtown Fort Payne is a treasure trove of vinyl records, CDs, pop culture memorabilia, and comics. 

Shoppers are drawn in by the records and comic books lining the storefront and led into a maze of music and vintage items. Owner Tony Walls welcomes customers with a smile and conversation and can answer any questions they may have. 

Spend an afternoon flipping through records and you will undoubtedly find some great deals on your favorite music. Follow Relics on Facebook for regular updates on merchandise.

102 Gault Ave N Fort Payne, AL 35967

4. Little River Hardware

For more than 30 years, Little River Hardware has welcomed visitors and locals in the Mentone area with its rustic style and friendly, local staff. Although the name is true to the store’s merchandise, LRH sells much more than items to help you on your next home improvement project.

A corner of the cabin-style store is dedicated to Nightingale Pottery, sold exclusively at LRH. The functional artwork line includes, mugs, plates, bowls, spoon rests, and soap-saving dishes, in addition to Christmas ornaments, necklaces, and magnets. The soft colors in the kitchenware pieces are perfect for modern day farmhouse-style homes but versatile enough for any design.

The full-service hardware store also has a notary public on staff, offers fax and copying services, acts as a UPS drop-off point, and also carries locally grown and processed meats, eggs, and more. LRH serves as a gathering place for travelers and locals, and prides itself on its work with local camps. Stop by, grab a snack, and sit a while in a rocking chair.

Visit the Little River Hardware website for more information. 

5190 AL-117, Mentone, AL 35984

Little River Hardware Welcome Bear, Mentone
Little River Hardware

Photos by Emily Kirby

Mentone Farmers Market Fried Pies
Mentone Farmers Market Mildred's Meadow

Photos: Emily Kirby

5. Mentone Farmers Market

When you hear farmers market, you might just picture tomatoes and squash in the summer months. But Mentone Farmers Market serves the community with year-round, weekly shopping excursions with homemade and homegrown goods from local farms and residents. 

Each week sees different items as the seasons allow, but many local makers create and sell a variety of baked goods, sweet and hot jams and jellies, insulated cups, hats, shirts, oven mitts and microwave bowl holders, soaps, body butter, beard oil, cuticle cream, bug spray, pet cleaning supplies, dog treats, and more. 

If you’re looking for a place to stock up on souvenirs that represent the flavors and homegrown feeling of Mentone, stop by the square on Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and see what’s new. Follow the market Facebook page for updates on what you will find at the market each week.

6139 AL-117 Mentone, AL 35984

6. Mentone Arts Center

Mentone is a hub for local artisans and makers, and the recent addition of the Mentone Arts Center at the Chuck Sennett Center for Arts serves as a promotional support system for the local arts community.

The gallery space is filled with dozens of paintings, sculptures, books, pottery, and furniture from local artists, which makes it a perfect place to stop in for unique souvenirs, gifts, or a beautiful piece of work for your home.

The center also sponsors classes, workshops, lectures, and special events, including painting and drawing, culinary, pottery, photography, ceramics, woodworking, music, poetry, storytelling, songwriting, acting, and community theater.

Follow MAC on Facebook or Instagram for newest inventory and upcoming events.

5951 Alabama Highway 117 Mentone, AL 35984

Mentone Arts Center located on Lookout Mountain
Mentone Arts Center on Lookout Mountain in Alabama

Photos: Mentone Arts Center