Rescue Rappelling Class

This 8-10 hour class reviews advanced rappelling then teaches you rescue rappelling. Learn rescue rigging, rescue hauls, rescue rappel devices, rescue knots, safety procedures and protocols, rescue gear, and emergency belaying.  You will also do several rappels, emergency changeovers, and staged rescues before returning to the store for the rappelling test and knot exam. Meet at T.A.S. Training Center.



True Adventure Sports Training Center
13102 Alabama Hwy 176
Fort Payne, Alabama 35967


October 11, 2019


9 A.M. – 6 P.M.


Note:  You will receive a class 3 rappelling certification photo ID card upon request and successful completion of this class and exams for a processing fee of $15.00.

Note: You must be a valid holder of a level II Rappel Certification or higher to take this class.