Take the plunge and make a splash with fun-filled escapes – indoors or outside.

When arriving at Alabama’s Mountain Town there is an instant feeling of calming freedom that city folks long to discover, and finally experience when coming to play on Lookout Mountain.

A dash of the unexpected in North Alabama, our county is nationally known for having some of the best scenic canyon views and plunging waterfalls this side of the Mississippi. We’ve been named one of CNN’s top 25 places to retire and even made a recent Huffington Post list as home to 1 of the 11 must visit swimming holes around the world.

But that’s not all Y’all! If you crave the outdoors and all the unexpected adventures that come along with it, it’s time to get to know our mountain country. Here, you’ll finally realize what all the buzz is surrounding one of Alabama’s best kept secrets. Ready to play?