Creek Kids Watershed Workshop

Learning about our water is not just for kids! Experience a view of Little River’s watershed and how it connects to the rest of Alabama and our oceans. Many species of fish and aquatic invertebrates, including some types of crayfish, mussels, and snails, live only in Alabama. Participants have a good chance of observing some species only found in certain Alabama streams & rivers; they will learn about the impacts of dams on waterways, & learn how pollution moves through aquatic environments. We will take a short walk to Laurel Creek & the West Fork of Little River for a dip to a view native fish & invertebrates such as crayfish, mussels, and snails up close. A VERY fun way to explore and cool down at the same time!


One World Adventure


Desoto State Park Nature Center
7104 Desoto Parkway NE
Fort Payne, Alabama 35967


July 8, 2017


10 A.M. – 3 P.M.





Meet at the DeSoto State Park Nature Center on County Road 89. Participants should bring a lunch/snacks/water, clothes & footwear suitable for the river. Pre-registration is required.